UNDERDOGS WIN - G-Squad cleans up in annual Police and Services Tag Tournament

Sat Jan. 18th 2014

The Police and Services Annual Tag Tournament was held Saturday 18th January 2014 at Devonport Navy Base on a day that could be described as perfect weather conditions for this friendly but rival competition. Teams from Auckland and Counties Manukau Police, Navy, Fire and Youth Justice North were in attendance.

The G-Squad team, a mainly novice team with a wide range of abilities; including several players with no tag experience, were feeling a little apprehensive competing against 11 very formidable teams some of which included regional and national tag representative players.

However, with ‘FUN’ being their word of the day G-Squad were none the less eager to give it their all and showed determination, heart, spirit, teamwork and total commitment including putting bodies on the line – and yes a few injuries resulted!   

G-Squad moved into the finals after drawing the semi-final game against KMY Taggers and being first to score a try.

As the final game drew to a close G-Squad only needed one more try to win against Manukau Snakes, however, despite the efforts of a fantastic team the game ended with a score of 10-8 to Manukau Snakes.  

However at prize-giving officials ruled Manukau Snakes were not a ‘service provider’ and therefore were forfeited from receiving the Services Winners Cup placing in the tournament – this meant G-Squad prevailed against all odds and were awarded the Annual Services Winners Cup for the Mixed Grade.

  • Mixed grade runners up - G-Squad
  • Most valuable female player - Natasha Tamiano, G-Squad
  • Most valuable male player - Jonny Henry, G-Squad

G-Squad looks forward to defending the First Place Cup January 2015.