Keeping Faith with the Warriors

Sun April 13th 2014

On the 13th of April a group from Genesis were fortunate to go and watch the New Zealand Warriors live at the Mt Eden Rugby Stadium. Genesis was gifted with tickets from the Manukau West Police Bluelight Team to provide an opportunity for our young people to experience a live sports game.

Six adults and nine young people gathered at the Genesis office to firstly share a delicious lunch before travelling out of Mangere to Central Auckland. Our group were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm as many of our young people were going to experience their first time in a rugby stadium. With sports being a big part of our New Zealand culture, the opportunity gave our group a chance to be unified with other sport-goers and feel connected to their country on a larger scale.

The Warriors played the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. We were surrounded by Warriors fans who screamed and cheered on for our team, our group also got into the cheering spirit with some of our group cheering for the opposition! A highlight was watching our group getting engrossed into the game watching their favourite players and feeling the anxiety over the series of converted tries. The half time entertainment was also a delight to watch, a mix of cultural performances filled with colour and life with a splash of fire dancing. Some well-known New Zealand artists known to our young people also did a joint performance to the top charting song by Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’. 

In the end, the Warriors lost by one point to the Bulldogs, the final score was 21-20. Such a close second half, it was a great sight to see our young people amongst the action, feeling the highs and lows of the match. While walking back to our vehicles, many of the young people were on a high and were grateful for the experience. Many talked about how it was great to see the stadium so full and actually experiencing an event that they often would just watch on television.

Special thanks again to Bluelight for such a priceless opportunity for our young people and to the Genesis staff who made the trip a success.

Natasha Tamiano – Senior Practitioner / ICM Coordinator

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