Genesis motivates Auckland University Students

Mon May 5th 2014

Each year we have the pleasure to promote our services to students completing their Social Work degree at Auckland University. This is a chance for us to share our stories from the grassroots to inspire these soon to be graduating students.  This year we received this lovely feedback:

"Kia ora Rob, 

Thanks once again for the great presentation that you and your team provided for us last Thursday. As you will have noted, the students were really impressed. A couple of quotes "I had thought about not coming to lecture today because I am absolutely overwhelmed with work, but boy am I glad I did. This was such a good presentation", and as one of the students said "this was one of the very best presentations we have had through our degree". It was inspiring, full of hope and showed how things are. You and the team are such good role models for our students. Thanks again so much. 

 Barbara Staniforth PhD, MSW, RSW - Director Social Work (Qualifying Programmes)"