Our Purpose

Statement of Purpose

To reduce the levels of youth-offending in New Zealand's most affected communities (principally within the wider Auckland Region) in a cost effect manner through enabling youth at-risk to profoundly transform their lives for the benefit of themselves, their whanau and their community.

Strategic Heartbeat

Having a heart for youth that offers HOPE and RESTORATION for youth offenders and their families in the wider Auckland Region.

Desired Outcomes

Communities become more vibrant, optimistic and safe.

Transformed youth offenders become constructive participants in New Zealand's future instead of being trapped in a life-time of crime (which can cost the state up to $3m in incarceration costs per serial offender over their lifetime).

The inter-generational cycle of crime is hopefully broken and our transformed youth are empowered, in turn, to offer a better start in life for their own children.

Guiding Principles

Every young person and their whanau has the potential to change.

Young people will thrive in a positive family environment.

Lasting change is an internal transformation of the heart, mind and soul.

Core Competencies

A holistic intervention combining youth work, social work, mentoring, counselling, and family services to achieve lasting positive change.

Forgoing and maintaining effective working partnerships with the NZ Police and other key agencies.

Ongoing research, innovation and best practice that shapes our programmes and interventions.