Cycling towards Positive Change. 20 bikes for 20 change makers

Tue Sept. 30th 2014

Down Bike Giveaway#2

The Downer Company has been a big sponsor for our Trust and continues to be a key business contributing to the development of our young people and their families.

Downer asked Genesis to select 20 young people from our organization who were deserving of receiving a brand new mountain bike. Although there were many deserving young people, priority was given to those aged between 12-14 years old due to the size requirements of the bikes.

The event was held at Kings College in Otahuhu and was part of the Annual Downer Conference. The Downer staff teams had to assemble the mountain bike to be gifted to the young person as part of a team building exercise.

On the day, our youth arrived at Kings College excited to take part. Each youth participated and attended a cycling safety workshop, where they learnt about the basic ABC’s (Air, Brakes, Chain) of cycling safety and the importance of being safe on the road while on a bike.

Following training the youth were asked to go outside only to be greeted by a crowd of Downer staff clapping and cheering for them. The master of ceremonies explained to the Downer staff that each of the young people were there because they had made changes and were on the road to making more positive life choices.  One of the recipients excitedly explained “all those people clapped for us and gave us a bike”.

Rob Woodley (Genesis General Manager) was given a chance to explain what Genesis does and thanked the Downer team for their support before congratulating the youth.

Finally, our 20 excited youth were given their bikes, helmets and cycling safety gear. They then participated in a cycling exercise where they got to practice braking and signaling from their bikes. “We learned about how to ride our bikes safely,” explained on youngster.

We are grateful to Downer for this opportunity to gift these bikes to our deserving young people. For many of them, this is their first bike and something that is theirs to keep. “This is my first bike, that is actually mine, and its brand new too” explained a grateful young man. Again, thank you Downer for thinking of Genesis, we hope to continue our partnership in the future!

Down Bike Giveaway#3 Down Bike Giveaway#3