Our Whänau Programme

Every family longs to be part of a happy home. With that goal in mind Genesis aims to provide families with the necessary tools to help them reach their goals.

Our Whänau Programme is a dynamic 8 week programme run four times a year in Mangere, Papakura and Glen Innes.

The program is aimed at empowering, equipping and enhancing the whole family unit, but especially aimed at honing parenting skills. Fostering respect and honour is an important thread that runs through the whole programme.

We have developed a series of topics we believe, through years of counselling, which cover common core issues that lead to offending and family dysfunction. Our Whänau Programme is the place where parents and/or caregivers of our young people come together to share, learn and support one another. We can take this programme into any community of need as a one off or ongoing programme where funding is available.


  • Family Dynamics / Roles and Responsibilities
  • Communication Skills / Teen Cognitive Development
  • Anger Management / Conflict - Self Discipline
  • Boundaries & Discipline (alternative discipline)
  • Substance Use, Misuse and Abuse (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes)
  • Parenting Skills (value education, positive role modelling)
  • Financial Management (budgeting)
  • Graduation and Celebration

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