Our Girls Mentoring


SWAG is a young females mentoring group for youth who are considered at risk and in Genesis for youth offenders who have been referred in the South Auckland region.

The programme runs for ten weeks with a graduation at the end. Each session have key objectives and involve activity based learning skills in order for the participants to understand the key positive messages important for their growth and rehabilitation back into the community. SWAG stands for Strong Women Achieving Greatness and was established in 2011 when a need for a programme especially aimed for young females was in demand in our agency.

The design of SWAG was built using key social work/youth work methodologies such as; Te Whare Tapa Wha, Circle of Courage, Fonofale and more. Using these approaches and others, we were able to integrate the key components of each model and implement them into our programme. This has made sure we covered areas important for a young person's wellbeing so that each session is aimed specifically at improving different areas in the lives of our young people. Sessions include some of the following topics; personal character and values, relationship building with peers and especially building with family, improved attendance and achievement in school, improved emotional and physical wellbeing and more.

We strongly believe that even the smallest changes are great stepping stones in their personal growth into stronger young women. All participants have the potential to change but it all first starts with self-belief and a whole lot of constant affirmation. Here at Genesis we are constantly pushing and challenging our young people, mistakes are made along the way but – there is always HOPE.

Feedback Statement:

“What I learnt with SWAG is to be good, learn more about each other, good manners and treat others the way you want to be treated." (13 years)

SWAG - Girls Mentoring (PDF Download)