Our Family Services

Our Family Services provides an integrated approach by linking together One on One Counselling, Family Therapy and our Whanau Programme when working with our families who may have many difficult and complex issues to address.

Our qualified and experienced Counsellors provide coordinated support for our Youth and Social Work staff to offer a multi-disciplined, holistic wraparound approach to our services to youth who offend AND their families.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy explores the family systems and the home environment of the young person working with the parents, caregivers and whänau with regards to their communication skills, interpersonal skills, family dynamics and structure, values and beliefs to improve in all areas so that the family system is healthy and safe for everyone to live and enjoy.


Every young person referred to Genesis is provided with the opportunity to attend confidential counselling with one of our qualified counsellors.

Our Counsellors are trained to address many issues including; drug and alcohol, anger management, grief and loss, relationships, suicide ideology, family conflict, domestic violence and trauma.

Counselling identifies presenting and underlying issues of young persons, explores and addresses them fully in a confidential and safe environment with the aim to solve problems that hinder their wellbeing and empowering them to be able to function normally.

Family Services Brochure (PDF Download)