Our Youth & Social Work Services

Genesis Youth Trust offers holistic wraparound services for first time and recidivist youth offenders and their families referred from NZ Police, Child Youth and Family Services and Local Schools.

Our services and programmes are available in Counties Manukau West, Counties Manukau South and Auckland East. Our wraparound approach includes Youth/Social work, Youth Mentoring, and Counselling.

Our aim is to reduce and prevent youth offending by engaging our clients into education, employment, training and connecting them into positive community activities. We also aim to build positive relationships between youth and their families and address the underlying causes of offending.

Youth Workers / Social Workers

The role of our Youth and Social Workers is to encourage positive lifestyle changes with youth offenders, aged 8 – 17 years of age.

Specifically our Youth and Social Workers facilitate plans that are assigned to youth offenders referred via Police Youth Aid and Child Youth and Family Services by providing a social work intervention. We work with young people anywhere between 3 to 18 months duration.

Our team work in collaboration with the young person's whänau, educational providers, government and community agencies. Every young person's wellbeing and needs are continually assessed and monitored with regular face to face interaction and interventions.

Integrated Case Manager (ICM)

Our ICMs co-ordinate wrap-around services for young persons and their whänau. The aim of this service is to deliver positive opportunities so the young person and their whänau can move forward onto a successful life pathway - free of offending.

An ICM will identify the needs and goals of a young person together with the whänau to develop a plan. The ICM collaborates and coordinates the young person's educational providers and other appropriate agencies and services to provide support and/or connection to education, employment, health, housing, community, culture and peers etc.

Child Case Manager (CCM)

Children aged under, but not including, 14 years of age may be referred to a CCM if they come to Police notice because of an incident or offence and need additional intervention.

The role of our CCM's is to intervene early and effectively individually managing each case. This style of management of 'at-risk' children is one of the four key interventions known to interrupt the progress from child offending to youth/adult offending.

Our CCM's work with both the child and their whänau to identify risks and needs and support is put in place to reduce these. Every case is assessed to identify those children who are at risk of serious offending and to ensure effective early intervention is in place so this young person does not further offend.


The objective of our mentoring programmes is to establish and maintain a mutually trusting and respectful relationship with our youth clients. The young person's personal goals and strengths are identified and an individualised mentoring plan is developed with the assistance of the young person. Mentoring assists with rebuilding relationships and increases the young person's appreciation for belonging and sense of connection to a safe community. These transformations positively affect not only the young person but also their whänau and wider community.

Successful mentoring empowers and inspires youth enabling them to make positive life changes such as reduced substance abuse, increased self-esteem and social skills which in turn leads to improvement of and greater involvement in education, training and career opportunities and engagement in positive pastimes.

We run both one on one mentoring and theory based boys and girls group mentoring programmes with experienced, passionate and skilled mentors.